10 years ago and taking, editing and printing digital photos

By | July 8, 2015
This content is 9 years old. Please, read this page keeping its age in mind. Thank you.

On Monday I mentioned that this week is The Helpful Book Company’s ten year anniversary.

Well, after the first books I wrote and all the rushing around getting organised, one of the first things lots of people asked me to write about and explain was digital photography. Partly all about how you use a digital camera and partly about what you do once the photos are on your computer – how to print them, send them off to a printing company, edit the photos to remove red eye or a wonky angle and so on.

And back in 2007 I brought out a book about it. That book isn’t in print any more, but a bit later, in 2012, we brought out some videos that covered much the same sort of thing: Digital Photography on your Camera and Digital Photography on your PC.

They go over what you need to know to get the best out of your digital camera and how to use the photos afterwards – from how to copy them onto your PC to editing and printing them.

I should mention that they were recorded in 2012, before Windows 8 came out. But of course in the videos about using your camera it doesn’t make any difference what version of Windows you have on your computer. In the videos about editing and so on it’s a bit more relevant, but you can still use the same program I recommend (called Faststone – you can download it free), which works the same on Windows 8 as well.

Anyway, if you wish it was all easier or that you could get better results from your photos, you can order both sets of videos together here. (Or just the set about using your camera  here or just the set about editing the photos on your PC, printing them and so on here)

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