5 days to go…

By | August 27, 2012
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A quick reminder if you haven’t already ordered: the special half price offer on my books Microsoft Word One Step at a Time and Microsoft Office One Step at a Time runs out in 5 days – on Friday.

After that, the books won’t be available at any price – any remaining copies will be scrapped to clear space in the warehouse.

They’re going fast – there were 292 copies left at the start of the month and now there are only 47.  So I’m hopeful I won’t have to scrap any. But whether I do or not, after Friday, you’ll be too late.

You can find out more about the books here: www.helpfulbooks.co.uk/WordOfficeClearout3.htm

And as usual, there’s a free trial, so if you order the books and then decide they aren’t for you, you just send them back and owe nothing.

Best have a look now: www.helpfulbooks.co.uk/WordOfficeClearout3.htm