Tablet Help is at Hand (iPads and the like)

By | May 13, 2015
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Last time I mentioned how, despite what Apple say, touchscreen tablets don’t always “Just work”. Sometimes, things go wrong.

Sometimes, they’re easy to fix – turn it off and on again. (Though I’ve noticed that not everyone knows how to turn it off properly…)

But sometimes, they’re not so easy. At least, not unless someone’s told you how. Then it’s easy – you just follow the instructions.

That’s why I’m bringing out a “Help is at Hand” book for tablets – iPads and tablets based on Android… like a Nexus or a Kindle Fire.

The original Help is at Hand books were for computers, and they were (and still are) hugely popular. Like them, this new one explains the different kinds of problems that can happen and exactly what steps to take to sort them out.

Some people even found they had a problem they didn’t know about – they’d thought it was meant to be like that. But once they knew, they could make their PC behave.

You can’t buy the new Tablet Help is at Hand book just yet – it’ll be out shortly.

More info at the end of the week, including a bit more about what’s in the book, who it’s for and so on (and one recommendation from a reader that for some reason had never crossed my mind) – watch this space…

One thought on “Tablet Help is at Hand (iPads and the like)

  1. Sheila Newble

    Mmm looks interesting…..look forward to finding out more.
    Have just started working through your book ” Computers one step at a time”, and I am finding it so easy to follow. Thank you.
    I run groups in the u3a. We are all retired, so some of us have difficulty coming to terms with new technology. I will be recommending your books and CDs.
    Hope your son is better.


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