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By | March 1, 2022
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This week, I wanted to share of few of Google’s “Easter Eggs” with you. Not the chocolate or painted kind, mind you.

In computers, easter eggs are little hidden extras in programs. Usually they’re silly things put there to amuse, or a daft thing to entertain the programmer. And Google have plenty of them hidden away!

For example, go to www.google.co.uk and type in the word “askew” and see what happens to the results. (Don’t worry, your eyes aren’t going funny!)

Google have also hidden away little games and other daft bits and pieces that you might want to try out. Here are some of my favourites:

“google doodles” will show a random playable Google Doodle and also show an archive of other playable Doodles. There have been some really good ones over the years.

“roll a die” will roll a six-sided die and “flip a coin” will flip a coin (I find these very handy when it comes to settling arguments between my boys!)

“play snake” will bring up a playable version of the classic game “snake” (if you’ve never played it, you control a snake that gets bigger each time it eats an apple – avoid biting your own tail or hitting the wall!). By clicking the cog next to the play button, you can customise the game and even change the game mode. They add new features to this one fairly often.

“solitaire” brings up a playable game of solitaire.

“tic tac toe” brings up a playable version of noughts and crosses. You can choose to play against the computer at different levels – “easy”, “medium” or “impossible” – or against a friend.

Just a bit of nonsense to while away an idle few minutes. Enjoy 🙂

Julie Wakeling
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