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By | March 24, 2017
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Just as a quick reminder or in case you missed the email: the new Smartphone Help is at Hand books will be available to order on Monday at 11am (UK time).

I can’t wait to get hold of one of the first copies – and judging from what I’ve heard, I’m not the only one. But you can’t order it until then.

Full information about what they cover, who they’re for and how exactly they’ll make using your smartphone less stressful, simpler and more fun will be available then.

Watch out for my email at eleven in the morning on Monday.

4 thoughts on “A quick reminder…

  1. Frank Branscombe

    Hello Tim
    It is of course great news that at last and in the absence of the manufacturers providing operating and troubleshooting manuals there will be a concise guide to the intricacies and probable frustrations of using Android Smartphones.
    However I am very disappointed that the brilliant and sadly much maligned Blackberry phones do not receive the same level of support especially as I have found it very secure in all aspects of email, messaging etc., [as proven by its universal governmental use] plus it is a must have for people like me who have an inbuilt incapability to type on glass!!
    Hopefully there is someone out there who is an expert in solving some of the niggling unknowns and settings that may be second nature to some but not for me to enhance my experience in what I have always found an ultimate in mobile phone security and reliability. My quest for that facility goes on and whilst I wish you every success with your Smartphone Help book [I have several of your preceding tutorials on IPads etc. which I have found useful] but without a Blackberry guide my book-set is, and will presumably remain, incomplete
    Yours disappointedly
    Frank B.

    1. Tim Post author

      I can certainly understand it being disappointing for you – and although we’re not working on a Blackberry book at the moment “never say never” !
      The issue we found is that it’s simply too different from the other types to cover int he same book or even in a tweaked version of the same book, like we can with Android and the iPhone.
      But I will definitely let you know if we do bring one out!

  2. Alfred Ellis

    Hi Tim
    Thanks for your continued Emails .your notes on tablets & other Gubbins are very interesting . I have to admit ,though, I’m a bit behind with technology as I haven’t got a smart phone or a tablet , only a gas fired PAYG thing & a PC thingy , which has a mind of its own ( Rude word describes it ), sometimes referred to as the ****** !!! Confuser .
    Thanks again ,I enjoy reading the notes ,especially the advice on scams and tweaks etc .
    Alf Ellis

    1. Tim Post author

      Thanks for the kind comments! And don’t worry, we’ll still keep on covering tips for PCs (whatever you might call them!) as well!


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