A short one today…

By | May 28, 2018
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This might be a short one today, as with it being a bank holiday (and promising weather as far as I can see) we’re planning to take the boys out somewhere for some fun!

Which made me think about something worth mentioning:

When we’re thinking about where to go for a day out, there are some places we love to go time and time again (the sand dunes at Haverigg for example).

But other times it’s fun to go somewhere new. And sometimes we could do with some ideas – whether we’re at home or away somewhere.

If you’re thinking “There’s probably a website for that”, you’re right. In fact there are several.

One we use a lot is DayOutWithTheKids As you might guess it’s gives you lots of places that can be fun to go to as a whole family. But there are lots of others.

Trip Advisor has a bit where you can type in a place and it’ll show you things to do in that area, too (if you just go to their website you have to click on “Things to do” first).

Often the best way to do it is simply to do a web search for the place you’re going to and “tourist information” you’ll usually get quite a few options, including the official tourist information website for that area – and often one set up by the town council that can be helpful.

You can do that on any device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Or there are various apps for the different websites you could download to your phone or tablet if you find that easier.

It might be worth it – you might find some things to do you’d never even thought of.

It’s one of those things that can be really useful and is actually pretty straightforward to use but isn’t obvious that you can do – which is why I’d thought I’d mention it!

Incidentally – one other thing: if you missed Friday’s email about Privacy and GDPR, you can read it here.

Right, that’s all for now – I need to make sure the boys are ready!

One thought on “A short one today…

  1. David Cameron

    I’ve never really liked Trip Advisor for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s the websites design or something else. But yes, one search and the internet can throw so many things.


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