Amazon, charity and what’s kept me busy…

By | January 14, 2019
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I’ve got a couple of tips for you today.

First, a way that you might be able to raise money for charity by doing hardly anything.

It only works if you do any shopping through the Amazon website – a lot of people do (I know I do).

If you do, it’s worth going to this special site Amazon have set up.  (If you want to type the web address in, it’s

You can then log in to your Amazon account as normal (or it might do it automatically if it recognises you) and choose a charity and from then on when you buy something on Amazon they’ll give half a percent of the price to that charity.

OK, it’s not a fortune, but it adds up – and it costs you nothing. They don’t charge you anything extra and it doesn’t affect what you order in any way – they just donate a small amount to the charity you choose.

You do need to make sure you start your Amazon shopping at the site, rather than going direct to, but that’s not much hardship!

A Quick Tip for using Windows
Here’s another quick tip if you use Windows (usually on a laptop or a PC).

You know the start menu – the one that pops up when you click the little symbol in the bottom left corner that’s meant to look like a window? It has lots of the apps that are on your PC in it and it’s also where you go to turn the PC off.

Well, instead of clicking on that icon to bring it up, you can also just tap the Windows key on your keyboard – it’s usually the one between Ctrl and Alt, just to the left of the space bar.

Tap that once and the start menu comes up without you having to fiddle with the mouse. It won’t change your life, but you might find it makes things a little quicker and easier. It’s one of those little tips that just isn’t obvious until someone tells you about it!

What’s been keeping me busy…
I’m not going to go into too much detail today (because I need to get busy finishing them off) but I’ve been working on a new pair of books.

Well, they’re “sort of” new. I would say they’re an update of a pair of books I wrote years ago that have been out of print for a while – except so much has changed that pretty much the only thing that’s not new is the title… and even that I’ve changed a bit.

They’re books that you might find interesting if you use a PC (or laptop), tablet or smartphone to do, well, anything really.

I’ve still got the last few finishing touches to do… the index, contents page and intro (I always write the introduction last, even though that sounds a bit odd. It just seems easier to write once the rest of the book is finished).

But later this week I should have it just about done and be ready to tell you a bit more about them. Maybe on Wednesday or Thursday if all goes according to plan – watch out for my email!

2 thoughts on “Amazon, charity and what’s kept me busy…

  1. john sims

    Hi Tim , i like the little tips, its a great help, one thing i would like to add if i may, i have Macular degeneration of the eyes it affect thousands of people something a lot of people never hear about, what i would like is a tip on how to magnify the screen on my computer, because i have a job reading the screen, kind regards John Sims

    1. Tim Wakeling Post author

      Good question!
      There are a few things you can use. If you’re in a web browser you can change the size of writing by holding the ctrl key on the keyboard and rolling the mouse wheel up and down.
      If you’re using a different program there’s also a magnifier built in – you can press the Windows key and the plus key together and it’ll turn it on (Windows and esc turns it off). You can also go into the “Ease of access” screen to see lots of options that might help – that one’s Windows and U.
      Hope that helps!


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