Amazon delivery – to the moon?

By | July 31, 2017
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A bit of good sense from Microsoft this time. But first a short trip into space…

Amazon seem to be everywhere these days. You can buy everything from books to power drills to kitchen utensils to baby clothes on it now.

Not to mention the other things they do – from selling web hosting for companies that need to store lots of stuff online to making their own TV programmes.

And they even have a device (called Alexa) that you can have in your home and talk to as a sort of digital assistant – it’ll order groceries, turn music on and remind you of birthdays.

Like I say – they seem to be everywhere.

But not the Moon.


You see, Jeff Bezos, the chap who set up Amazon in the first place and is still in charge of it, has also set up a company called Blue Origin.

And it’s purpose is to go back to the Moon – and this time to colonise it. He wants to build a permanent settlement on the Moon for people to live in.

He’s aiming to have robots that are sent up to build the settlement, before sending people up once it’s ready.

I’ve said before that modern technology is getting more like Star Trek, what with computers you can talk to. But maybe it won’t be long before how we live could be more like Star Trek as well.

It does seem a bit far fetched, I’ll grant you. But he’s putting huge amounts of money into the project and he’s not the only one – other technology entrepreneurs are working hard on similar projects.

Maybe before long I’ll have to write a book “Space Travel One Step at a Time” for people who want to make the trip. Not just yet, though…

Microsoft see sense…
It’s so easy to say “and even more surprising news” or “While we’re talking about things that seem unlikely” or something mean like that as I tell you how Microsoft saw sense. And you might think Microsoft deserve it. But that’d be mean, so I won’t. (I can’t stop you thinking it, though!)

Anyway, when Microsoft named their next update, they called it the “Creators Fall Update”. It’s different from the Creators Update which you might have already had on your PC – it’s the next one.

They mean Fall as in what Americans call Autumn, not fall as in it’ll fall over or anything like that.

But they’ve realised it’s pretty confusing and have renamed it (in the UK at least) to the Creators Autumn Update. So if you hear people talking about either of these, they’re both the same thing, it just depends what country you’re in.

I’ll be talking more about the update nearer the time – still a way to go until Autumn yet so I wouldn’t worry about it yet.

Nice and tidy
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