Before it slips your mind…

By | August 30, 2016
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By now, you must have heard me mention (once or twice) the new Tablet Help is at Hand books. Sorry if I’ve been going on about them – but then, I suspect most authors like to talk about their books and I’m no different…

But this is the last time I’m planning to talk about them in this newsletter, so this is one last mention as a reminder if you’re sitting on the fence or not quite sure whether to get them or not… Best have a look at the information about them now and decide, whether it’s yes you want them or no you don’t want them.

Why not have a read of what they cover, who they’re suitable for and so on and decide if they’re for you here, before it slips your mind.

And if you have already got the books, thank you and I hope you’re finding them helpful!

3 thoughts on “Before it slips your mind…

  1. Roy Merrick

    Your books are the ‘El Dorado’ for pensioners like me (70 next birthday) who thought they could do without computers. How many of us have had our families pester us to ‘go electronic’ or had them dump their old computers on us only to see them gather dust on a sideboard (ooops! I mean the electronics -not the family! ……..although….). Well, I took courage and bought a reasonably-priced Tablet this year. It’s very different from my old office PC twenty years ago but the basics are easy to understand e.g. “on -off”! The instruction book was not complicated (apart from terminology) and I was soon rattling-off e-mails to all my friends – much to their surprise AND my kudos. My new Tablet came with a reference for Helpful Books. Wow! Computers? Knowledge? Techniques? Confidence?……….Don’t stop me now!

    1. Tim Post author

      Brilliant to hear how you’re getting on with it! I definitely think tablets can be easier to use and can be such a great way to keep it touch with family and friends.

  2. Trevor Rolfe

    Dear Tim,
    Many thanks for your very useful tips, the latest one returning to desktop on two keys was particularly useful. I now run two computers, a desktop and new laptop both with Windows 10, so no longer need Android info as I will be giving my Android Tablet to charity. I have already purchased your Windows 10 DVD’s but have been too busy to watch them so far.
    Yours sincerely
    Trevor Rolfe


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