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By | October 14, 2019
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Something a bit different this week – instead of talking about tech I’m going to give you some big (and I think good!) news about the future of The Helpful Book Company.

I set The Helpful Book Company up over 14 years ago now – and as of the 1st November I’m going to be stepping back from running the company.

In fact the company will change to being “Employee Owned” – a bit like John Lewis/Waitrose, so it’ll actually be owned by everyone who works here.

Laura will be running it – she joined 13 years ago and has largely been running it day to day for a good while now, so that won’t actually be that big a change.

You might wonder what’ll happen to these weekly emails – well, although I’m stepping back, my wife, Julie, who also works here will still be part of the company and she’ll be taking over writing the emails.  She’s helped write quite a few of our books and wrote the popular “Life and health” email series we did a few years back, so she’s the perfect person to take on writing helpful, interesting emails for you – just like I’ve tried to do!

I think it’s exciting news – especially for everyone who works here.  I wanted to step back but really didn’t want to sell the company to some big corporation or anything, so when I learnt about the possibility of making it employee owned, I thought that was the perfect way for me to bow out.  That way the very people who’ve helped me create and build the business get to own it in the future. 

Will I disappear off the face of the earth?  No! After all, Julie will still be here and writing these emails, so no doubt we’ll end up chatting about it at times.  And I’ve agreed with Laura that there are a few bits and pieces I’ll help with from time to time. Not to mention one thing I’ve got up my sleeve for November… 

I’m really proud to see The Helpful Book Company becoming owned by the people who work here and carrying on producing great books (I hope you agree that they’re great books!) And you’ll still get the same helpful service if you ring up and the same useful emails each week.

If you do want to know a little bit more about what it means, I’ve put together a list of questions and answers here – by all means have a look.

And next week this email will be back to being a helpful one about using technology – the next couple will be “co-written” by Julie and me before Julie fully takes over the emails in November.

10 thoughts on “Big news from The Helpful Book Company

  1. Ann Marie Dickinson

    I’m a bit of a sceptic about these sort of changes but wish The helpful Book Company all the best for the future but especially you. Tim. I do feel I know you personally. Will you be working elsewhere as well? Good luck

    1. Tim Wakeling Post author

      Hello & thanks for the best wishes! I’ve always tried to run the business in a personal, human way so it’s nice to hear that’s how it’s come across!
      I haven’t got firm plans for a new job – I’m going to take a bit of time off and do some studying as well as the odd bit of writing here and there.
      I’m going to go back to University and study a masters degree in Entrepreneurship. It’ll be interesting to learn more about how different business work… and I’m particularly interested in the way businesses can be profitable and also do some good (which we’ve always tried to do) and that’s something I might be interested in either working in in some way or doing some research in. We’ll see – either way the course will be a way to learn a bit more and think about where I want it to take me.

  2. patricia wood

    Recently got your first set of books (i-phones). These have got to be the best books ever!!
    I’ve pressed buttons and icons like never before. Thank you. Congratulations to you and all staff for the new venture.
    Pat Wood

  3. Averill

    Hi all your books have been my go to
    When getting stuck. Wish everyone good luck but sure you don’t need it I rely on your clear instructions for my now fogy brain

  4. Doreen Jackson

    Thank you Tim for all your hard work and messages. As others have said, you seem like a friend to those who read your emails and I am one of those. Sorry to see you stepping back but I wish you well in the future and hope you get your degree. I echo others when I say that these are the best and clearest books on the market and thank you for writing them in a way that old ones, like myself can understand. You will be sadly missed as it is like saying goodbye to a trusted friend. I wish the company all the best and look forward to Julie’s communications. I hope she lets us know how you are doing too.
    Good luck to all concerned

  5. Joseph Chiang

    Tim you belong to a family of tech-minded people.
    It is good to know you are moving on forward and bettering yourself and I wish you my very best good luck for the future.
    Joseph Chiang

  6. Robert Cooke

    Very glad to have found your company by chance. Such excellent service. Best of luck to everyone with the new set-up.

  7. Sylvia Seymour

    I’ve been on holiday and came back to find changes… Wondered where you had gone!! I’ve looked back to find you’ve gone back to university .
    Like everyone else I’ll miss your weekly , useful , emails.,but I shall enjoy reading Julie’s .And good luck to the girls who are taking over the reins.
    My very best wishes to you and keep us up to date with how your doing.
    Sylvia Seymour.


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