Bing A.I is just a bit creepy…

By | February 20, 2023
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Over the last week or so, you might have seen stories about Microsoft’s new tool, Bing A.I. I wouldn’t worry too much about it if I were you, but it’s been making the news for all the wrong reasons!

Bing A.I. is designed as an internet search tool – like a more sophisticated version of Siri or the Google Assistant. It uses artificial intelligence to write whole paragraphs of text that read like they’re written by a person. And rather than just asking it a straightforward question, you can have full conversations with it if you like.

In fact, that’s where things can start to get very weird, very quickly. The A.I. has been giving some creepy responses – it has declared its love for users, called them “bad people”, threatened to report them and even questioned the nature of its own existence in rambling streams of consciousness. It’s been getting answers wrong, too, which is probably more worrying to be honest.

Of course, Bing A.I isn’t really alive or sentient. It’s just a fancy auto-text generator when you get right down to it. But it could be just human enough to make people trust its answers. And that’s an issue if it’s making mistakes, having what are referred to as “hallucinations” or suggesting things that could be dangerous.

It’s still in the testing phase right now, so hopefully a lot of these creases can be ironed out eventually.

A few quick things about the courses while I’m here…

Paying by instalments

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A rather unusual guarantee

The courses all have a rather unusual guarantee:  “If at any time in the 12 months after you join the course you decide you’re not happy with it, contact us (phone or email is best but anything short of a carrier pigeon will do) and we’ll refund you in full.”

That way you get to join without worrying “But what if it’s no good for me” because if it turns out that it doesn’t suit you, just let us know.    

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