Ding ding – Last orders…

By | May 28, 2015
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At the Manor, in Broughton (which was my local before we had the boys and moved to a house with a garden a couple of miles closer to the sea), Scott would always come round 10 minutes or so before closing the bar asking “Any more drink wanted at the bar?”  I’ve been in other pubs where they ring a bell to let you know closing time is coming up.

Well, If I had a bell, I’d ring it.  Sort of.

It’s not that I’m shutting for the night (it’s just gone 9 in the morning as I type this, so that’d be a pretty short day).

Nor am I taking the book “Tablet Help is at Hand” off sale.

But I am going to stop mentioning it – this is the last time I’m planning to email about it.

So if you’re not sure, if you’ve been too busy to think about it or if you’ve just been umming-and-ahhing, then why not have a read of the full info here.

Then if it sounds like it could be useful, why not get your copy as a free trial?  After all, if you look at it and think it won’t help you, you can send it back and owe nothing.  More likely, you’ll thing “Phew, glad I’ve got this – now when something goes wrong I can sort it out”.

You may even find something that you didn’t realise wasn’t how it’s meant to be – something wrong with your tablet that you can now easily fix!

Anyway, as I say, I’m not going to be mentioning it again.  Don’t put it off and risk forgetting – here’s the information.

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