By | October 11, 2017
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Done! I’ve just finished “outputting” the files for the new Facebook books I mentioned last time, so they can be sent off to the printers ready to print and bind them. (And I can go and drink tea and eat biscuits…)

And that means I can now announce that the new books will be available to order on Monday the 16th at 11am UK time.

No rest for the wicked, though, as I still need to write down the information about them. The books explain how to use Facebook nice and simply, in plain English. And they’re suitable whether you’ve never even set up a Facebook account or have already been using it for years but sometimes find it frustrating or think you could get more out of it.

But it’s only fair to tell you a bit more about what’s in the books, who they’re suitable for and why you should even care! So I’ll have that information ready for Monday – I promise!

So not too many biscuits for me just yet!


Tim Wakeling

Watch this space for an email from me at 11am on Monday, with a link to the information about the books, what they cover and who they’re suitable for…

2 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Mr B R Tyte

    Dear Tim,
    Will it cover how to remove old notifications, I can’t do it. Plus remove old Facebook accounts. Looking forward to Monday.
    My iPad is also very slow, but my signal must be reasonable as my laptop in my study, two walls away from my wireless modem works quite well, however the iPad close to the transmitter in the lounge is painfully slow and freezes sometimes .
    Grandad Brian.

    1. Tim Wakeling Post author

      yes, it should help with all that (and lots more of course)!
      On the iPad, you’re right, it sounds like the wifi signal itself must be fine. It could be that the iPad is getting too full – if it has too many apps and so on so there’s not much space left. It could be worth checking in settings how much room is left – you probably want at least 1GB free for it to use so if you have less than that you might want to delete some apps.


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