Duracell Bunny? More like a Duracell turtle!

By | May 6, 2024

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.  Just a quick one from me today, since it is a bank holiday.

First, I wanted to remind you that there’s no-one in the office to answer phone calls or emails today.  You can still order the new books though – just click here to read the full information and it’ll tell you how to order online.  But we’ll be back in as normal from 8:30am tomorrow – although we might be busy catching up in the morning after the long weekend, so please bear with us.

More like a Duracell turtle…
I don’t know about you, but over the years I’ve managed to accumulate an interesting bunch of different cables and wires for the various bits of tech I’ve owned.  Most of them live in a drawer, or they did at one point, but lately they’ve been venturing out to explore different parts of the house…

And the reason for that is, frankly, that I’m a bit of a scatterbrain.  I don’t have a specific spot in the house where I plug my phone or tablet in to charge it, so I tend to grab another charger from the drawer and make that one “the kitchen charger”.

But lately I’ve found that whenever I plug my phone in to any of the spare ones, I get a “Slow charging” message, and it tells me that it could take anything up to 11 hours to charge my phone!  Which is worryingly slow, and tells me that something isn’t quite right.

It turns out that the new phone that I got a few months back needs a higher powered plug and cable than any of my older phones, if I want it to charge in a decent amount of time.  The cable that came with the new phone can do it, but it’s quite a short cable, and a lot of my plug sockets are hidden behind furniture, so it’s not ideal.

So it looks like I’ll be shelling out for a few new chargers from Samsung to dot about the house – the chargers from the manufacturers are generally a bit pricier than third-party companies, but the cheaper ones tend to be cheap for a reason… and I’d rather not risk using a charger that could overheat or damage my phone.

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