eCards and a useful tip if you have a phone (mobile or landline)

By | April 1, 2019
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It’s going to have to be a shortish email this week as I’m very busy working on getting something ready – more on that shortly.

But I haven’t forgotten you, don’t worry.  In fact I’ve got two tips you might find helpful.

First of all, I’ve had a few people ask lately about sending ecards.  I don’t know if you know about ecards – it’s a way to send a kind of birthday, Christmas, Thank You or whatever card by email.

You get a little animation and often sound and you can add your own message.

The most popular ones are probably the ones by Jacquie Lawson – and you can definitely see that a lot of work has gone into them!

The only snag is you do have to pay for them.  Fair enough – she’s spent time and effort making them and after all, you pay for traditional cards made of, well, card.

But if you do want to try sending ecards without having to pay, there are some other options – one company called BlueMountain, for example have a free trial (though you have to pay if you want to carry on sending their cards) and there are dozens of other companies that will let you send ecards.

If it’s something you’re interested in, it’s worth having a look at a few – just go to Google (or whatever search you have set up) and type in “ecards” and see what comes up.  Then you can pick the ones you prefer the designs of.

The other tip I have for you is about phone calls.

Has this ever happened to you: You get a phone call and don’t get to the phone in time – either you didn’t get down the stairs fast enough or it was your mobile and you were busy driving or whatever.

You look at the phone or call 1471… and don’t recognise the number.

It’s happened to me several times and it leaves me in a quandary. Do I ring them back and end up on the phone to some sales call?  Or get some central switchboard who don’t know why I was called in the first place? Or do I ignore it and possibly miss something important?

Well, that’s where today’s tip comes in handy.  Just type the phone number into Google. You can also type in “phone number lookup” but most of the time it recognises it’s a phone number.

And very often it’ll be able to tell you what company that number belongs to… and that might tell you whether it’s a company that’s been pestering you with sales calls or an important call you really need… and then you can decide whether to return it or not.

Anyway, as I say, I’m busily working on getting something ready: we’re going to be “opening the doors” to allow some new members into our Tech Inner Circle.  We haven’t allowed any new people in for over a year, so it seems like a good time. There are a few bits and pieces that still need doing first… and they always take longer than I’d hope, so it’s not quite ready yet!

But I’ll be ready with some more information later in the week – watch out for my email.

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