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By | May 30, 2022
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I hope you have some nice plans for the Jubilee extra-long weekend (we’re off to watch chariot racing at the Royal Armouries on Thursday, which is very exciting!).  The girls will be here to take calls and answer emails as normal until 5pm on Wednesday this week – when the course enrolment ends (more about that at the end of this email) – but there won’t be anyone in the office from Thursday to Sunday.

Thursday’s quite an exciting day for me, actually.  Not only are we going to the Armouries, but Thursday is the launch day of a mobile game that I’ve been looking forward to for months!  I don’t know if any of you remember the Diablo games?  They were a fantasy-adventure type thing where you’d run around fighting monsters and exploring dungeons.  Diablo II was one of the first big multiplayer online games that took off back when I was a student.  They were great games. 

And Diablo is making a comeback!  On Thursday, they’re launching a brand new version of the game for smartphones and tablets.  And the best thing (for me, because I’m cheap like that) is that it’s completely free to play!  Yay!

So that’ll be my Thursday evening.

There are loads of free-to-play games on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and some of them are really good.  A lot of them are free because they have adverts, but others (like Diablo Immortal and other games by “Blizzard”) are ad-free.  They make their money through optional in-app purchases instead – usually so you can pay to move through the game more quickly.

In fact, another of my favourite phone games is a Blizzard one, too – an online card game called Hearthstone.  Again, it’s completely free to play, but you can buy extra “card packs” if you want to speed up the game.  I’ve never felt the need to, though.

Game on.

While I’m here, I’ve just got a couple of quick things to say about the courses:

Paying by instalments

In case you’re wondering, yes there is an “instalment plan” for both of the courses, if you’d rather not pay in one go. The details are in the full information for each course (links below) – if you want the instalments, just make sure you click the red button marked “Join paying by 3 instalments”.

A rather unusual guarantee

The courses have a rather unusual guarantee:  “If at any time in the 12 months after you join the course you decide you’re not happy with it, contact us (phone or email is best but anything short of a carrier pigeon will do) and we’ll refund you in full.”

That way you get to join without worrying “But what if it’s no good for me” because if it turns out that it doesn’t suit you, just let us know.    

But the clock’s ticking.  Remember that the courses close for new enrolments at 5pm on Wednesday this week – so why not have a look now if you think you might find them helpful.  Read the full information for each of the courses here: Windows 11 Made Simple or Windows 10 Made Simple

Julie Wakeling

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