Fancy watching a supernova on the palm of your hand?

By | January 20, 2020
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I don’t know about you, but I think smartphones are amazing things.  So little you can fit them in a pocket or your handbag and carry them around with you everywhere – but with more power than your average full-sized laptop would have had just a few years ago!

And some of the extra apps that you can get for them – completely free – frankly blow me away…

One of my recent favourites is called “Big Bang AR”.  It shows you amazing 3D illustrations of the birth of the universe, the first stars and planets, exploding supernovas and swirling gases.  And the coolest part is that you can watch it all in your living room, out in the garden or on the palm of your hand – all thanks to the magic of Augmented Reality!

And to top it off, it’s all narrated by the lovely Tilda Swinton (she played the White Witch in the Narnia films, and she’s got a great voice…)

Anyway, you can download it for Android phones and iPhones – and it’s completely free.  I’d definitely say it’s worth a watch – at least once – I’m looking forward to showing it to the boys, I think they’ll love it.

What I’ve been up to lately – something you might find interesting.

As you probably know, we’ve written books about using various devices and gadgets – phones, tablets, PCs… 

And last year, we brought out two online courses – one about using Windows 10 and another about using an Android tablet or iPad.  They were more popular than we expected… and we’ve had some really lovely comments from people saying how much they’ve helped.

So lately I’ve been working on a similar course specifically for people with smartphones.  It’s something I simply couldn’t have done until recently, but I think it could be really helpful.

Anyway, if you use a smartphone – whether it’s an Android phone or an iPhone – you might well find it interesting, so watch out for my emails over the next few weeks.

And while I’m on the topic of courses…

Some of you will already know this (because I’ve already told those of you who I was pretty sure would be interested) but last week, we re-opened our Windows 10 course to new members.

We’ve just been through and brought it bang up to date with all the changes from various Windows Updates.  And I didn’t want to risk leaving anyone out who might be interested! 

If you ever find Windows 10 awkward or frustrating to use – or think there might be more you could do with it if only someone showed you in a simple, easy way – then why not have a look at the full information here.  It tells you more about the course (including how to get hold of it – and the 12 month guarantee).

But, the course is only open to new people until 5pm tomorrow, Tuesday 21st and if you’ve missed it, you’ve missed it. So why not have a look at the full information now, while you think of it?

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