Fare thee well, Calibri

By | May 3, 2021
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I hope you’re enjoying the bank holiday – despite the weather!  We’re all off trying to make the best of it too, so there’s no-one in the office today to take your calls.  We’ll be back bright and early tomorrow, though.

In the meantime, I don’t know if you’ve heard the big news from Microsoft?  It’s something that  I’m sure will affect each and every one of you very deeply… at least that’s what the Microsoft press office reckons.  Personally, I suspect they’ve all got too much time on their hands.

They’re changing… wait for it… the default font!  (I know, I’ll just wait for you to gather yourself before I go on…)

If you use any of the standard Microsoft apps – the Mail app, Word or Outlook – there’s a standard font that your emails and documents are written in.  It’s called “Calibri”.  It’s quite nice, I suppose.  It’s just a font (a “sans serif” one, if you want to get technical).  

Before Calibri, they used Times New Roman.  It made a lot of sense to replace Times New Roman, because sans serif fonts like Calibri are easier to read on a screen.  So far so good.

But techies being techies, they can’t leave anything well enough alone, and they’ve decided that they need a new, fresh and exciting font.  But not too exciting.  They’re even asking people to choose their favourite out of the five contenders.  Here they are if you fancy a bit of “spot the difference”…  

The response from the general non-techy community has been along the lines of *shrug*.  But if you have a favourite, you can read more about it and let Microsoft know what you think here.

It’s Tenorite all the way, though.  Obviously.

Julie Wakeling

PS  Or Skeena… maybe Skeena.  Not Grandview, though, that’s just horrible.  Shall I shut up now?  Yes.  Probably.

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