Friendship, love or just other people with the same weird and wonderful interests…

By | September 20, 2019
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I mentioned last time that we’ve actually published two books this week, not just one.

The second book is called “Meeting People Online: Find friendship, find love, find other folk with the same weird & wonderful interests as you (whether you want to meet up in real life or keep it all online)

You see, not only can you use the internet to keep in touch with people, you can use it to meet people.

The most well-known example is probably online dating – and that is covered in the book.

But that’s only the best known bit.  You can also make friends or meet people in your local area.

You can meet people to chat with online only (like a sort of modern pen-pal) or to chat in groups with online… or to meet up with in the real world.

And what I think is best about it is that you can meet people interested in the same things as you – no matter how weird and wonderful your particular interests.

Interested in restoring vintage motorbikes – there are loads of forums you can visit to chat about that, get ideas, discuss what you’re all up to and maybe plan a meet-up.

Want to know what other people think about 19th Century Rose-Gardens?  I bet you can find other people who’re interested too.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of the Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope. It’s not exactly a common interest… but online there’s a thriving group of people who share the same interest.
Anyway, the book covers this as well as things like making friends online, online dating and quite a bit more.  Have a read of the info about it (and about the other book, Making the Miles Fade) here – you might be surprised by what it might do for you.

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