If you locked me in a room and…

By | January 31, 2019
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Here’s a question: Why did I write the new Next Steps books?  What’s the point of them?

I suppose I could say “Because I’m a writer – writing’s what I do!” (But I could have written something totally different instead, so why these books…)

The real answer is because the things in the books are questions that people ask all the time – and depending on who they’re asking, they might not get an answer… or at least not a helpful one.

So I took the questions people ask most about how to do things on their tablets, smartphones, PCs and laptops and turned them into the books.  Or rather, turned the answers into the books.

In fact, if you locked me in a room, asked me those 71 questions about how to use these devices and wouldn’t let me out until I’d answered them, plainly and simply, these books just might be the result.

After all, I think it’s frustrating that people have these devices (and some of them are pretty expensive, I’m sure you’ll agree) and yet don’t know how to get them to do the things they want… or don’t even know what they could get the device to do!

And that’s why I wrote these books.

You can find out more about them (including what’s covered, who they’re suitable for and what I think about most people who talk about “The Cloud”) by having a look at the full info here.

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