I’m not going to write this email – you are (sort of)

By | August 31, 2015
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I’m actually away on the last day of a holiday today, having been down to Plymouth to visit my Mum and Dad. But here I am, writing a newsletter for you anyway… or actually, I’m not.

You see, normally I sit down and think “What am I going to write about today?” Or sometimes I already have something in mind.

But this time, I’m not writing it at all… you are.

Well, I don’t mean you personally, necessarily. I mean you as in readers of this newsletter.
First, I’ve got a tip one reader sent me last week:

Checking for pages you’ve visited in Chrome

Here’s the tip:

I don’t know if Tim has mentioned/ covered this in his news emails but I have just made a useful discovery, by accident, as so many are. If you use Google chrome there is access to your user history, a bit like Internet Explorer, only Google only goes back about for days, If you open Google Chrome, hit ctrl and H, it opens your usage history and for me that also included searches done using my tablet.

In fact it’s something I use a lot – and tips like that are often the ones I find it hardest to think about mentioning! Because it’s almost second nature, I don’t think to mention it – but it could be really helpful to other people.

So thanks Ken, for the tip (and for helping me write today’s newsletter in that way!)

And thinking about how sometimes the tips I use the most are the hardest to think of make me think: what are the tips, tricks or techniques you use the most?

If you’ve got something you find handy and you think others might do so too, why not click on the link at the bottom or top that lets you view this on the web and make comments and leave a comment saying what your favourite tip is. While you’re there you can see what everyone else says and you just might find one that’ll make things easier for you.

See – I’ve written today’s email without actually coming up with any ideas myself… but I still think it could be really helpful to you!

Next week, I’ll be back to having to do the work myself again. In the meantime, why not have a look at that page and see what tips other people have suggested and maybe leave one (or more) of your own?

8 thoughts on “I’m not going to write this email – you are (sort of)

  1. les doble

    For a cheap cover for tablets, use a padded envelope as used by The Helpful Book Co to send books.
    Les Doble

    1. Deanna

      Recycling at its best. I did spend £1.00 for a cover in a £shop. Reminds me of the time when “Pins & Needles” Magazine gave £5.00 for hints and tips. They were things that as a knitter I had always done !!

  2. peter empleton

    what are we toput as a website in the leave a reply. what are all the words and jargon mean under the comments box. another example tha t assumes that if you have a computer you must know. not for me i am afraid. iwoul like yo know what they mean and how to use them.

    1. Barbara

      The website field is optional (indicated by the absence of a star), only fill it in if you have a website and want to put it in. I expect if you had a website you might know what those things meant! I don’t.

      1. Tim Post author

        Absolutely right – the website bit is optional and you can just leave it blank. The other bits are things you can use to format your replay in various ways – again you can safely ignore them but for example the one that’s a b in angled brackets make what you put in it bold.
        For example If I put in the B in pointy brackets, then some writing, then /B in pointy brackets it would come out as this is bold
        The software I use to make the comments work adds the note about these tags there automatically – I’ve tried removing it but every time the software updates it puts them back without telling me.

  3. ann mcgrath

    Just upgraded to Windows 10 – really must faster. Big disappointment is that I can no longer use Windows Media Player – always enjoyed playing my CD’s whilst surfing the Web. Tried all ways – even asking Microsoft Community, but to no avail. Any advice? Miss my music playing instantly. Just have to get the CD player out!!

    Regards, Ann

    1. Tim Post author

      Probably your best bet is to download vlc player . It’s free and can play CDs as well as DVDs. That should get around it!

  4. Terry Anderton

    I just wanted to say thank you for the time on Google Chrome for looking back at places you have visited recently. This is very useful to me. Many thanks.


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