(not for general public) What’ll happen on Tuesday

By | August 22, 2014
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I’m finally ready to announce when the brand new videos about discovering your Family History will be available – and it’s next Tuesday, the 26th.  At 11am.

At that time, I’ll send you (and other readers of this newsletter) an email with more information all about the videos… and with a secret link that’s not for the general public.

You’ll discover exactly how you can find out not just names and dates from your ancestors, but interesting snippets and stories that bring it all to life – whether you’re a complete beginner, have done quite a bit of research already or have given it a try and found it too confusing!

Once you’ve seen it being done, it’s much easier, as you can imagine.

So watch out for an email at 11am on Tuesday, with full information all about the videos along with how to get your hands on a free trial set.


If you’re wondering why this isn’t available to the general public (yet), it’s partly just that I want people like you, who are already readers of my newsletter, to get the first chance.  But in particular, there’s a limited free gift… and I’d rather you got your chances before they all go to strangers!