Not in Oz…

By | October 17, 2017
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Well, despite ex-hurricane Ophelia’s best efforts, we’re still here. It kept me awake, though, wondering if I’d wake up in Oz at the foot of the yellow brick road…

…and while I lay there, I realised there were a couple of things I hadn’t mentioned in yesterday’s email that perhaps I should have.
Firstly, I should have mentioned that yes, the books do cover how to set up a Facebook account in the first place, if you’ve been thinking of giving it a go but haven’t got started yet. So they really do start right at the beginning to make it easy.  (And even if you’ve already been using Facebook, starting right at the beginning might make it all suddenly make more sense.)

Of course, they do go on to cover more advanced things if you want to know about them (and chances are some of the more advanced things will be useful to you, once you know about them), but they start with making the basics nice and easy.

The second thing is that if the books do sound interesting to you but you prefer not to order things online, you can ring up and talk to Emma, Michelle, Jess or Simone here in our offices in the Emerald City Cumbria. They’ll say hello and take down your details and place your order for you.

The number’s 01229 777606 – but full details are in the information here. Anyway, if you haven’t ordered them already (I know lots of people have!) then why not have a read and see if the way I talk about using Facebook might be something that’d be interesting to you?

2 thoughts on “Not in Oz…

  1. Leonard Wodward

    Having been cloned by a thief I have no wish to tell the world anything at all of my life so I have cancelled Facebook

    1. Tim Wakeling Post author

      that’s understandable. The books do go through privacy issues and how to stay secure but I can certainly understand having gone through that, it might put you off the whole thing.
      For everyone else, it’s a good example of how it is important to take the security stuff seriously and not just ignore it thinking “Oh well, that won’t happen to me!”
      (I’ll now just go and check I’m practising what I preach…”)


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