Of Phone and Tablet Cases…

By | July 29, 2019
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I mentioned not long ago that if you have a tablet or smartphone, I’d probably recommend having a case of some kind.

I keep my phone in one of the leather types (well, I’m not sure it’s real leather – but that type).  One where there’s a flap that folds round to cover the screen.

And if you look at the back of it, there’s a sort of crease down the back.

(If you’re not sure what I mean, here’s a link to an example.)

You might well not realise what the crease is for – or even that it’s deliberate.

It is, though.  It’s there to act as a sort of stand – so you can prop your phone or tablet up at a good angle for watching a video on it – or sharing photos with other people sat with you.

The way it usually works is you open it up and bend the back of the case where the crease is to make it stick out, then rest the “bent out” bit on the table along with the bottom of the phone.  Hard to describe in words (and it does vary from phone case to phone case) but here’s a link to a photo to explain what I mean.

It’s not something you need to use but it can make it easier to prop up the device to watch a video, look at a webpage or photos together or even for some games.

While I’m on the topic of cases…

If you’re thinking of getting a case for your phone or tablet, it is really important to get one that fits.

I mean, obviously you don’t want one where the device will fall out – leaving the case safe in your hand while the device is smashed on the floor!

But you also need to make sure that all the holes line up.  There’ll be a hole on the back for the camera… one for the fingerprint detector (if there is one), one for the speaker and so on.  It’s even important to have one for the microphone – you might think the sound would travel through the case but if the case covers the microphone it really doesn’t work very well.

Not only that but the right cases will have bits for where the on/off and volume buttons are – without them it can be a real pain to adjust the volume.

The simplest way is to make sure when you buy a case that the packet mentions your particular phone.  Or if you’re ordering online, simply type in the model of phone you have along with the word case – and then check it has given you ones for exactly that model of phone.

For example, if you have a Motorola G7 Power phone (like me) then you need a case designed for that – one designed for the Motorola G7 Play or even the Motorola G7 (without the word “Power”) phone won’t work properly.

Cases don’t tend to be very expensive, but it’s still worth checking – you don’t want to buy one you can’t use!

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