PCs, Independence and something that’s running out…

By | July 4, 2014
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Apparently the Americans are celebrating something or other today – something to do with some little local disturbance two hundred and thirty odd years ago.  Ahem.  Independence Day, they call it, I’m told.

And, by a questionable leap, computers can help you to be more independent. You can do all sorts of things on your PC without having to go to a shop, visit the library, queue in the post office or deal with the bank in person.

Not to mention all the things you simply couldn’t do without them – like having a video phone call with family or friends miles away, or using Google Maps and streetview to look around a place you’ve never even been to.

But what can sometimes get in the way is when things go wrong on your PC or laptop (whether it’s your fault or, more often, not)… and that’s why you should read about these books:

But best do it soon: of the 999 copies of the free booklet (a really useful one) that I mention, over half have already gone.

Tim Wakeling
OK, I admit it – I sat down to write this having just read an article about the US Independence Day and couldn’t resist mentioning it… but it’s true, PCs can make you more independent as well as helping you do all sorts of other things. But only if crashes, crises and problems don’t get in the way.
Here’s the link to find out more again: