Something free on “GDPR day”

By | May 25, 2018
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You’ve probably heard that today is the day the new GDPR rules come into force.

As I mentioned on Monday, you’ve probably had a deluge of emails about GDPR – companies asking you to confirm you want emails from them.

GDPR isn’t all about emails, though, that’s just one small part of it. And the rest of the rules may well affect you.

So I’ve written a little guide, explaining what it means to ordinary people. It’s only short – no-one wants to read a great heavy tome on this stuff. Just enough to make it clear.

And since GDPR is really all about privacy, I’m giving a copy of this guide away free with every copy of our book about privacy that’s sold.

The privacy book is called “Privacy: Truth and Lies – the truth about privacy in the modern world and how it affects your life (whether you know it or not)” and as I say, if you order a copy now, you’ll get a free copy of the GDPR booklet included.

Read more about the privacy book – what’s covered, who it’s for and how to get hold of your copy here.

(Incidentally, if you already have the privacy book, you might not want a second copy – click here instead.)

Privacy is one of those things that can sound all “airy-fairy” and easy to ignore – but it does matter, for some very good, concrete reasons. Read more here.

2 thoughts on “Something free on “GDPR day”

  1. barry

    Howdy Tim best thing I did was buying my first book from you, to be able to get ‘ordinary’ explanations’ to technicalities . thankyou

    1. Tim Wakeling Post author

      Thanks! It’s always nice to hear from people who’ve found the books useful – I set out to make everything as clear as possible, so it’s always great to hear when I’ve managed it!


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