Samsung TVs and the “App Defense Alliance”

By | November 11, 2019
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Just a short one today, since I’m busy getting together the last bits of information for the new book Technology Help is at Hand.  But there are a couple of quick bits that have been in the news that I wanted to mention today.

If you’ve got a Samsung TV

You might have heard that some Samsung TVs won’t be able to pick up Netflix from December.  It might not affect you anyway (if you don’t have a Samsung TV or you don’t watch Netflix!) but I thought I’d let you know what was going on anyway.

Some older TVs (from 2010 and 2011) can’t get the newest version of the Netflix app.  Technology moves on so quickly these days that 9 years is a lifetime!

If you’ve got one of those TVs and you want to keep being able to use it for Netflix, panic not.  Your best bet is to get a little plug-in stick (probably one made by a company called Roku is your best bet) that works on any TV.  You can put the new Netflix app on that and then you’re good to go.

Google have announced the ‘App Defense Alliance’

There are literally millions of apps on the Google Play Store, and Google uses a tool called “Play Protect” to make sure all those apps are what they claim to be!  But Play Protect can only check an app once it’s already on the Play Store.

Now Google has teamed up with three security companies to check apps before they’re added to the store, so it’s even less likely that any crooks will be able to sneak their apps onto your phone or tablet.  And the chances were really very slim already.

All good news, and thank you Google!

Technology Help is at Hand

Tomorrow at 10am, the new Technology Help is at Hand book will be available to order – and I’ll release the full information about what it covers, who it’s suitable for and so on.  (Including the 1p investment that’s made it possible to use my computer again)

Watch out for my email at 10am UK time.

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