Worth knowing if you go on holidays…

By | June 18, 2018
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Holidays – most people like to have them now and again.

Not long ago I went to Cyprus and loved every minute of it (well, maybe not the queue at the airport, but every bit of the actual holiday).

And the internet has made booking things quicker and easier – it’s easier to look around and see what there is… and easier to find out more about the places you’re thinking about going.

Whether it’s a long weekend in York or a cruise round the world, the internet can be useful.

One site a lot of people use is booking.com. It can be handy for everything from hotels to flights to airport taxis… it’s a handy way to look for hotels from lots of different companies, for example.

I’d recommend it – in a lot of situations it makes finding exactly what you’re after easier.

But there’s a slight snag. What you might not realise once you’ve found (say) a hotel room that’s just right is that it might be more expensive to book it through booking.com

Most comparison site type websites don’t do this – for example with comparethemarket or GoCompare, you pay the same as you would if you went to the individual insurer (or whatever the service is you’re buying).

But with booking.com that’s not always true.

So if you do use them, once you’ve found the right hotel room, flight or whatever you’re after, you might want to go to that particular hotel’s webpage and see if it’s cheaper there.

Personally, if it’s the same price, I’d then book it through booking.com – it seems only fair if they helped you find it. But if it’s significantly more expensive… well, at the very least I think it’s a bit cheeky of them not to make it clear when most comparison sites have the same prices whether you use them or not.

Worth knowing if you do want to use booking.com

Survive and Thrive in the Digital Age – 11am this morning
This is a bit of a short email as I want to make sure everything’s ready to release the full information on Survive and Thrive in the Digital Age, later this morning.

The book is all about dealing with the way technology is just everywhere nowadays, understanding what it all means and picking out what matters to you.

Like a sort of manual for modern life or lifebelt for living in the modern world surrounded by technology (not just tablets, phones and computers themselves, but so many different things you can’t avoid, it seems).

And, yes it does include the “booking.com” tip as above – there’s a whole chapter on holidays and travel including things about booking them and things that can make them go more smoothly once you’re there.

Anyway, watch out for my email at 11am with the full information…

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