Secret Skullduggery and Launch Date…

By | June 26, 2014
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The secret skullduggery of big (and small) businesses…

I’ve been musing about what arcane factors big businesses take into account when making important decisions like when to launch products.  Do they cast horoscopes, check the weather or look for a “slow news day”?

I’ve been thinking about it lately because:

I can announce that the new books I’ve been talking about (and they are books – sorry that I didn’t specifically mention whether they were books or videos) will be available to order (on a free trial basis) as of:

Midday (UK time) Monday 30th June

On Monday I’ll email you with a link to more information, including what’s included (it’s lots) and a special offer that not everyone will be able to get.

So, what secret, arcane formula made me decide on the day and time?  Well, Louize is on holiday this week and she’s back on Monday.  Leaving it until midday gives her time to get herself sorted, show us her holiday snaps and reply to any emails first.

With business thinking like that, I’m surprised Microsoft aren’t beating down my door…

The books are called “Help is at Hand: Common & Frustrating Problems Solved, Quickly & Easily”. They help you solve all sorts of problems with the PC & Internet… maybe even including ones you didn’t realise you had (often why something is so frustrating…)

But, please keep this all to yourself (the book launch, I mean, rather than Lou’s holiday) as for now the books are only available to readers of this newsletter, not the general public.

So watch out for an email at midday on Monday, with full information all about the books, along with how you can get your hands on a free trial set.