Smartphone Photography One Step at a Time – Monday

By | March 8, 2018
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After a busy week (so far), I can announce that the new Smartphone Photography will be available to order as of next Monday – at 11am (UK time).

I’ll have full information on the books ready for you, too, so you know what they cover, whether they’re suitable for you and so on – writing that up is my next job!

If you want a very short description of what they cover, here’s what I said last time, in case you missed it:

I can tell you that if you use a smartphone to take photos (or come to that, a tablet, as it works in basically the same way, just bigger), or if you’ve got one and have thought about using it as a camera, then you might find this interesting… and possibly very useful.

After all, the quality of photos you can get from a phone now is pretty stunning. Mine takes better photos than my stand alone digital camera – and it’s not like my phone is a particularly expensive one. And I’ve usually got my phone with me when I’m out and about, so if I see something I want to get a photo of, I can.

But like with so many things on phones and tablets, many of the options you need are hidden away and unless someone shows you how to use it, you simply can’t work it out. Even if you know how to take a quick snap, you might be missing a few settings that would give you much better results… or struggling with sharing them… or printing them… or even doing basic editing to straighten a wonky photo or crop out an unsightly pole…

But as I say, full details (including who they’re suitable for) on Monday at 11am – watch out for my email!

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