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By | August 16, 2016
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I mentioned yesterday that the newly updated “Tablet Help is at Hand” isn’t available yet. And It still isn’t! But now I can tell you when it will be – from Thursday this week, at 11am, you’ll be able to put in an order.

I’ll send an email with the full info then but there are actually two books: Volume 1 covers Common Problems with Your Tablet and its Settings and Volume 2 covers Common Problems with Apps, Media, The Internet & Email.

If you ever find you have problems with your tablet not doing what you want, it’s worth reading the full info on Thursday!

4 thoughts on “Tablet Help is at Hand…

  1. Mike Fearnley

    Is there anything new to – ‘Get more from your Tablet’ publication?

    1. Tim Post author

      yes – quite a lot. We’d set out to update them for new versions of tablets and the systems they run but as we were going through them we realised that there’s so much more now – even in the year and a half since the original book came out. As a result it’s ended up as two books rather than one (though we’ve made each one a little cheaper than the original one was now that there are two).
      Of course, most of what’s in the original book is in the new ones too, though updated where needed, so there is some duplication, but there’s quite a bit of new stuff as well.

  2. Patricia Davies

    Re: Windows 10 update. For a couple of months I had been unable to print emails. Eventually a week or so ago I took it into the workshop where they told me it would be “a nightmare” to fix. However they rang the next day to say there had been a huge Microsoft update which had cured the problem! I have noticed that everything seems to be a bit slower now, but very glad to be able to print emails again.


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