The 5th of November – three reasons it’s an important day

By | November 5, 2018
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The 5th of November – three reasons it’s an important day:

First, as you probably know, it’s Guy Fawkes night – my boys are looking forward to the fireworks tonight.

Second, as you probably don’t know, it’s my birthday (when I was very little I used to think the fireworks were to celebrate my day!).

And thirdly (and clearly the most exciting – ahem), my new Windows 10 course, “Windows 10 Made Simple… and how to get the most out of it” is released later today.

It’s not a book, it’s not a video or DVD – it’s a course that takes you by the hand and leads you through how to use Windows 10. It goes through the basics (that if you don’t know can make life difficult) and on to how to get a bit more out of Windows – explaining it all nice and simply in plain language.

When I say “course”, I don’t mean like a formal school course – you don’t have to sit up straight or get told to pipe down at the back!

Anyway, I’m not going to go into the full details now. As I mentioned last time, it’ll be available at 11am (UK time) today and at that point I’ll send out an email where you can find out the full details – who it’s suitable for, what it covers and so on.

How to check what you’re using…
Every so often someone asks us how they can check what “operating system” they’re using. Well, they don’t usually use the words “operating system” – people ask “How can I tell if my tablet, phone, PC or whatever is running Windows, Android or Apple’s iOS?”

Or they’ll say they know it’s Windows or know it’s Android – but want to check what version of it they have.

Well, you can go into various places on the device itself – but each system has it listed in a different place. So before I can tell you where to look to find out what operating system you have, I’d need to know what operating system you had. A proper catch 22.
Luckily there’s another way – there are websites that can tell you what system you’re using.

You just make sure you’re on the device you want to check (don’t use your laptop if you want to know what system your tablet has!) and go to one of these websites.

There are loads of them – I’ve tried out a handful and I think the one here is probably about the simplest. You go to that web page and simply look down next to “Your Operating System”.

It not only tells you what operating system and what version of it you have, it also tells you what web browser you’re using (eg Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox) and a whole load of other things you’re less likely to want to know.

Obviously if you’re wondering whether you have Windows 10 because you want to know if my new course is relevant to you, this could be useful.

But it can also be useful at other times, whenever someone asks what system you have or what version of it… or even what browser you’re using. Or if there’s a new app that only works on certain versions.

Anyway, what with it being my birthday and the launch day for my new course, that’s all for now. Watch out for my email later on, at 11am UK time.

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