Three storms in one week!

By | February 21, 2022
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I hope you’re all okay after the batterings of storms Dudley, Eunice and now Franklin.  Three named storms in a week is pretty intense! 

I wanted to make sure you all know about some useful apps and websites that you can check during the turbulent weather, to help keep you safe and dry.

The first (and most obvious) is how to check the weather forecast and look out for weather warnings online.  Personally, I use the BBC Weather app on my phone – I find the layout easy to read and it seems pretty accurate most of the time.  There are lots of options out there, though, if you want to try a few out.  The Met Office website is very detailed and has some great maps and long-term forecasts.  Microsoft’s MSN weather website is pretty good too, and if you have a Windows computer that’s set up to show you the weather (either on your desktop or the taskbar at the bottom of the screen) you can click on that to take you straight to the full weather forecast.

You can also check for flood warnings separately from the weather forecast, and if you live in a high-risk area, e.g. low-lying land or close to a river, it’s a really good idea to check and get yourself prepared.  The Government’s Check For Flooding service has a detailed alerts page with warnings split into “severe flood warnings” (danger to life), “flood warnings” (flooding expected) and “flood alerts” (flooding is possible).  It pays to be prepared!

Stay safe, everyone.

A few more bits about the courses 

We’re just about half-way through the time when our courses are open for enrolment, so I have a few quick things to say about them while I’m here:

Paying by instalments
In case you’re wondering, yes there is an “instalment plan” for both the courses, if you’d rather not pay in one go. The details are in the full information for each course (links below) – if you want the instalments, just make sure you click the red button marked “Join paying by 3 instalments”.

A rather unusual guarantee
All our courses have a rather unusual guarantee:  “If at any time in the 12 months after you join the course you decide you’re not happy with it, contact us (phone or email is best but anything short of a carrier pigeon will do) and we’ll refund you in full.”

That way you get to join without worrying “But what if it’s no good for me” because if it turns out that it doesn’t suit you, just let us know.    

Please tell us what you think
It’s always good to hear from people who are actually using our books and courses – to see how they’re getting on with them.  So if you’ve already joined one of the courses, feel free to let us know what you think (the simplest way is to reply to this email).  If you haven’t joined, maybe it’s worth a look?

Remember that the courses close for new enrolments on Friday 4th March – so why not have a look now if you think you might find them helpful.  Read the full information for each of the courses here: Smartphones Made Simple, Tablets Made Simple

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