Cake, Presents & Windows 10

By | April 13, 2015
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It was Edward’s birthday on Friday (I have never seen cake disappear so fast…) – but today I’ve got a present for you. Don’t get too excited – it’s not the knight costume or the lego set… but it is worth a read…

What you Should know about Windows 10

Windows 10 is coming – we don’t know exactly when yet (though it might be announced at the end of April) but Microsoft have told us a fair bit about it… and released a “technical preview”, which I’ve been playing with.

I’ve written a bit about it before, but I’ve had a chance to spend a bit longer trying things out and seeing how it works. Rather than fill up the next 5 or 6 newsletters with what I’ve found, I’ve put together a little booklet (with quite a bit of help from Claire, who helps me with some of the books) all about it.

If you’re interested, you can get an electronic copy (free) here.

Then you can either print it out or read it on screen.

Feel free to pass it on to any friends who might be interested, too. The simplest way is to just forward on this email (and if you’re someone’s friend who’s had this passed on, hello, and why not sign up to get these tips emails yourself?)

A couple of things from last time…
Typical – I mentioned the pacman game last time and a very shortly after, Google deleted it – so if you went looking for it and couldn’t find it, that’s why.

I also mentioned an old “Easter Egg” from google: if you go to and type in askew and look at the results.

I should have said that on some computers you need to press the enter key (or click on search) to actually get the results. Not all – many will show them straight away. But for some people, you need to press enter or click on search.

In fact, in case you aren’t sure what to look for, I’ve made a short video to demonstrate it. You can watch it here.

Well – it’s been a short issue this time… but then again you’ve got a whole ebook to read (as well as a short video to watch), so that’s all for this time.

6 thoughts on “Cake, Presents & Windows 10

  1. Ol' Merv

    Great, just the info that I needed as a 75 yr old, not too competent computer user (of 8.1) to reassure me about Windows 10, thanks

  2. mary price

    as a 77 year just the know how I wanted I am on windows 8.1 and hope that windows 10 is what I want. simplicity thanks

  3. Chris Lane.

    Thank you, thank you. Was a little worried about Windows 10. Your booklet explains everything and makes it simple even for a non-techie like me. Brilliant.

  4. Tim Post author

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone! It’s always really good to know that the things we do really are helping people!

  5. Liz

    Thanks Tim,
    Lot’s of good information on windows 10.
    Got windows 8.1 at the moment and it drives me crazy at time’s, any improvement with windows 10 would be very welcome, indeed.

  6. John Potter

    Thanks Tim
    What a useful article, i am using Vista at the moment, thanks for the for-warning that it will not be supported after 2017.


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