A few highlights from last week’s electronics show…

By | January 13, 2020
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Last week was the “CES” – the Consumer Electronics Show – in Las Vegas.  

It’s where all the big tech companies go to show off their new ideas for the year.  A lot of what gets shown there never really makes it out into the world at large (or not for a few years, at least), but I thought I’d give you some of the highlights…

Ultra-thin and rollable TV screens

These first appeared at the CES a couple of years ago – TVs that you can put on your wall just like a poster, or that roll up like a yoga mat!  They’re still not quite ready for you to pop down to Curries and buy one, but they’re really not far off now.

Flexible screens for laptops: 

I don’t know if you’ve seen the new foldable smartphones from Samsung – the screen’s made of a flexible material, so you can actually fold the whole thing in half.  It seems like a bit of a weird idea to me – just something to break – but these flexible screens are the future, apparently.  

And not just for phones – laptop manufacturers are working on them too.  

Apparently one of the biggest issues still to be ironed out is the version of Windows they’ll need to make the most of all that foldy-ness (technical term).  Rumour has it that the first of these new foldable PCs will be out this year, but you might not want to bother until it’s all a bit more tried and tested!

The coolest toy I’ve seen in a long time:

A voice-controlled robot that transforms itself from a car into a robot – without you having to touch it.  It’s a real life Transformer! As well as telling it to “transform”, you can tell it to walk, drive, dance – even do some push-ups!  And this one, you can actually buy (granted, for a fairly ridiculous amount of money). If you want to see it in action, have a look at this article from The Verge

So – a few bits and pieces to keep an eye on there – but flexible screens really do seem to be the next big thing, whether it’s for a phone, laptop or TV. 

I can’t say I’m quite convinced yet, though…

Before I go…

I just thought I’d remind you again that Windows 7 support ends tomorrow – 14th January. If you’re still using Windows 7 at the moment, and are looking for some advice on what to do now, I’ve written an article all about it here.

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