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By | January 27, 2020
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There’s no one big topic for this week’s newsletter.  Instead, I thought I’d pass on a few tidbits of news – mostly about smartphones – that I’ve picked up this week.

A new iPhone that won’t cost an arm and a leg?  Maybe just one arm…

If you like the Apple iPhone, but find the price-tag of the newer models like the iPhone 11 a bit eye-watering, there are some interesting rumours going around…

According to the latest tech gossip, Apple are going to be bringing out a cheaper version of the phone sometime in the spring.  They did it once before in 2016 when they brought out the iPhone SE, so it sounds pretty likely.

As well as being much cheaper (rumours put it at around the £400 mark – still not peanuts, but cheap for an iPhone), it’s likely to be smaller than the newer phones and have a physical home button – a lot like the iPhone 8, actually.

I can see them being pretty popular. Something to keep an eye on, anyway if you’re going to be looking for a phone in the next few months.

If you want a foldable phone, you can have one now

Do you remember me telling you about phones with flexible screens – that you can actually fold in half!  Well, they’re not just prototypes any more – if you want one, you can have one (or at least pre-order it).

There’s one by Samsung that folds in half lengthways.  When it’s folded, it’s pretty much phone shaped, but you can open it up into a little tablet.  It’s a neat idea, but it’ll set you back the best part of £2000, which is a bit rich for me.

There’s also one by Motorola, called the Razr.  And that one’s a phone shaped screen that folds up into a neat little square.  The first ones are available to pre-order from EE now – but you only seem to be able to get one as part of a contract.

I think I might wait for the creases to be ironed out a bit more, and the prices to come down to something a bit more sensible, before I give one a go though.

If the smartphone you’ve got is making you tear your hair out… 

We might have just the thing!  Keep an eye out for my email at 10am (UK time).

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