A quick note about what I’ve been up to lately…

By | November 9, 2016
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I promised I’d tell you a bit more about what I’m working on – it’s a book about Smartphones.

Actually, it’s more than one book – separate versions for the iPhone and smartphones based on Android.

We’re always being asked if we do something on phones, so I finally got down to it. It’s been hard work, especially making sure I covered how it worked on the different types (they’re not all quite the same!), but I’m nearly there.

I find my phone really useful, now I know how to use it – things I hadn’t even thought of that I use it for now.

Anyway, there’s lots to say about the books – what they cover, who they’re suitable for and so on. But for now, I just wanted to say that full information will be available next week – on Monday at 11am.

That’s when it’ll be possible to order a copy, too.

So if you have a smartphone (or are thinking of getting one) watch this space for an email at 11am on Monday with a link to the full information…


The books cover how to use the phone, so it’s less frustrating – but also other ways you can use it that you might not know about. But full info on that on Monday.

9 thoughts on “A quick note about what I’ve been up to lately…

  1. Mr Brian Tyte

    Hello all,
    Just to let you know I shall be interested in th forthcoming iPhone book. I am at present in Australia visiting my Son and Daughter, plus grandchildren of course. I return on 22nd November. Communication via phone across the seas can be expensive, we use Whatsapp, which is free or Facebook.
    Regards ,

    1. Tim Post author

      Good to know you’re interested!
      Hope you’re having a great time in Australia – it should be a bit warmer than we’re having here!

  2. Margaret Millar

    Looking forward to your new book on Smart phones. It has been trial and error, and a few phone calls to my
    daughter for help. At one point I spent £18 from my credit and had not made one phone call or sent a text.
    Have you information on WhatsApp in the new book?

    Margaret Millar

    1. Tim Post author

      Ouch – £18 without making a call or sending a text! It’s easy to do, though and you’re certainly not the only one who’s done something like that!
      Yes, it covers WhatsApp, along with a few other ways you can stay in touch (which one you want to use will depend on what your friends and family tend to use!)

    1. Tim Post author

      The un-helpful answer is “it depends” – for most of them, technically they aren’t. The older ones with keyboards are something slightly different.
      Having said that Blackberry have fairly recently brought out a new range that are technically smartphones, but at the moment hardly anyone has them.
      So the slightly more helpful answer is probably not, unless you have a new one.
      In practice they work in a very different way anyway, so the smartphones books about iPhones and Android phones are unlikley to be much help.

  3. Nigel Lewen

    Are the books published as e-books, rather than having to get a physical copy?


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