A Tekken-inspired tip, and more tidying up…

By | August 2, 2021
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I’ve got a quick tip for you today, that you might find useful…

We were playing a game on our old PlayStation 3 the other day, and it was a right faff.  The controllers are supposed to be battery-powered, so you can sit wherever you like to play – they only come with diddy little cables to charge them up.  Except, as is the way with batteries, they don’t work any more.  So the four of us were clustered about 2 feet from the TV trying (and failing!) to play without pulling the cables out.

But all is not lost.

If you’re ever having trouble with connecting any equipment because the cable isn’t long enough, you can almost certainly get an extension.

It doesn’t matter what type of cable it is – obviously for power cables you can use a normal power extension cable but if you want to plug in (say) a printer that uses a USB cable, you can get a USB cable extension. Or if you want to plug in headphones but the cable on your headphones won’t reach the PC without you leaning your head towards the PC you can get a headphone extension.

I thought it was worth mentioning, anyway – not everyone knows you can get extensions for almost any type of cable.  If you want to do this to make a cable longer, just check what type of cable it is and either go to a big PC shop or look online – I’ve just had a look on the Currys website, and I can get an extension for those pesky PlayStation controllers for £2.50.

More tidying…

Last time I mentioned we were tidying up the warehouse, as it’s got pretty full and it’s driving Jade round the bend – and as a result we’re offering a clearance on a few products.

We do still have a few copies of the “keeping in touch” books I mentioned last time – Making the Miles Fade and Meeting People Online, though they’re going fast. (Here’s the information about them in case you missed last week’s email.)

But this week I’m offering another book on clearance – again at half price until they’re all gone – and then that’ll be that and we don’t plan to print any more.

It’s called “How to Shop Online with Confidence” – and it does exactly what it says on the cover!   Personally, I use online shopping a lot.  I didn’t really have much choice when I lived out in the sticks – unless I fancied an hour’s drive to pick up a pair of school trousers!  But even now that I’ve moved to civilisation, I still buy most things online.

You get more choice that way – whether it’s getting the right size or colour or finding things you’d never be able to get on the high street.  It’s easier and more convenient – especially when I’d have two bored children in tow.  And it’s usually a wee bit cheaper, which never goes amiss!

Anyway, the full details from when we first brought out the book are here.  As before, it’s available on our usual free trial, so you don’t pay until you’ve got your book and are happy with it.  And as they’re on clearance, they’re half price. But once they’re gone, that’s it, they’re gone.

Read more about it (and if you like, order a copy) here if you’re interested or would like to know a bit more about the book before deciding.

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