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By | January 24, 2022
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I’ve got a few bits and pieces for you today – an update on the Amazon-Visa fall out, a little game that I’ve become a bit addicted to and a quick tip I picked up from my nine-year-old…

Amazon and Visa
Firstly – if you shop with Amazon at all and pay with a Visa card, you’ll probably know that Amazon and Visa have had a bit of a falling-out recently.  Basically Amazon thought Visa were charging too much, and said they weren’t going to accept payments from Visa credit cards any more.

It all went right down to the wire, but the two companies have come to some sort of deal – right at the last minute.  We’ll probably never know what the deal was, but it means you can carry on using your Visa card with Amazon – for now at least.

Have you tried Wordle yet?
Wordle is a great little online word game.  It’s very simple, and only takes a few minutes to play, but it definitely gets my little grey cells working!  There’s no app to download – you just go to the Wordle website and play in your web browser.  It’s completely free, but you can only play once a day.

The way it works is that you get six tries to guess a five-letter word.  And that’s it!  After each guess, a letter turns grey if it’s not in the word at all, yellow if it’s in the word but in the wrong place, and green if it’s the right letter in the right place.

Each time you guess, it has to be with a real word (no “AEIOU”s or it’ll tell you off for cheating!) and getting a green (or yellow) letter doesn’t mean that’s the only time that letter appears in the word.

At the end you get a result that looks something like this, that you can share with your friends:


It means you can show off how well you’ve done without giving away the word.  I didn’t do too well on this one – took me five tries – but in my defence, it was a bit obscure!

Why not give it a go?

Struggling to double-click with a mouse?
Ed, my youngest, has always struggled with double-clicking.  I suspect in his case it’s just that he’s just never practised, and it takes a while to get the hang of.  But as you get older, rapid movements like that can be a real pain.  So, what’s Ed’s solution?

Pretty much everywhere where I would double-click, he right-clicks and then clicks the top option in the menu instead.  Usually, “Open”.  Does the same job, it’s just a bit easier on the tendons.

So there you go – just a quick tip that I thought I’d pass on.

That’s it from me for now

Julie Wakeling

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