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By | June 13, 2016
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Do you know that some email addresses aren’t what they seem? It’s nothing particularly sneaky or underhand. Just that some that have one name actually work the same as ones with a different name.

For example, if you have an email address ending in and you hear emails ending are having problems, you might not think you’d be affected. But actually tiscali emails are run on the same system as talktalk. And if you have a hotmail account, that’s now the same as an account. And until fairly recently, behind the scenes, BT emails were run by Yahoo, which sometimes caused all manner of confusion when an issue came up that was to do with it being a Yahoo account.

Most of the time, you don’t need to worry about this. It doesn’t really matter what system is running your email, as long as it works properly! It’s only really an issue if something goes wrong… or if you hear there’s a problem with one type and you don’t realise you have that type.

This all popped into my head this morning because I was about to write about an email that you might have had if you use an email address… or a hotmail or other Microsoft emails address.

It warns you that if you use Windows Live Mail 2012 (and although they don’t say it, I think it’ll affect older versions of Windows Live Mail as well) and you have an email address, then it’ll stop working.

The thing is, the email looks a bit like it could be spam. But it isn’t.

There’s an issue between the new system Microsoft are going to be using to run their emails and Windows Live Mail – and they’re not planning to sort it out. So if you use Windows Live Mail and you have a Microsoft email account, that’s basically tough luck.

Microsoft’s take on it (and their full advice if you’re affected) is here.

But in a nutshell, if you’re affected, you need to change how you access your emails or from sometime in June it won’t work any more. They suggest using the Windows mail app, which is in Windows 8 and 10. I’m not convinced the mail app is as good as they make out, though if you get on OK with it, that’s fine. Another option is to login to your emails on their website. And one option they don’t mention is to install Mozilla Thunderbird, as covered in some of our books.

Or if you currently check your emails on your PC but you also have a tablet, you could switch to checking your emails on that instead.

Anyway, if you have an email address ending in or or anything else from Microsoft, it’s worth having a look at their guidance at the link above, otherwise in June your emails will stop working properly.

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9 thoughts on “An email account by any other name…

  1. Edith Black-Orsborne

    I have, but find that that I cannot read an incoming email any more for the adverts , also cannot print them any more for this reason, it also prints one page. The only reason I can read this because I can over the web. Any reasons? I have Windows 7.

    1. Tim Post author

      Are you accessing your email by going to the website and logging in, or from a program like Windows Live Mail? If you use Windows Live Mail, it could be the start of the problems I wrote about that Microsoft warned about – but that wasn’t supposed to happen until the end of June.
      If you are using Windows Live Mail, it might be worth just going to the website and logging in there and see if that’s better.
      Failing that, it might be best to download Mozilla Thunderbird and use that – that’s what I use for emails at work now. It’s covered in a bit more detail in the Next Steps books if you have them, but you can download it from here (free):

  2. colin price

    Thanks for your interesting tips and comments which I find helpful, however I have no intention of ever using Facebook or any of the other moronic social networks . Email is more than adequate ,

    1. Tim Post author

      Fair enough – and I’m the first person to say you should only use computers (or tablets) for what you want and not feel you have to use something (like Facebook) just because lots of people go on about it!
      I think most techies seem to assume everyone should use computers for what they (ie the techies) think is best, not for what the individual wants to use it for!

  3. George Raine

    I note Colin’s comment.
    I never go near Facebook.
    Tim’s Technical Tips would interest me,but I can not find the Yellow Box.
    George Raine

    1. Tim Post author

      I’m not sure which page you were looking on (it depends where you read about it) but you can go to this page: and there should be a big yellow box in the middle, headed “Sign up for free tips and advice here” – that should be the easiest place to find it.

  4. L Robinson

    Have tried to install OpenOffice with the CD provided with the latest book but my computer won’t let me. I am running Windows 8.1. The computer says get in touch with CD supplier. I would be grateful for your comments. Thanks Laurie Robinson

    1. Tim Post author

      That’s peculiar – it could be just a fault in that particular disk (in which case we will obviously replace it straight away). We have tested it with Windows 8.1 but let me just check one here on our Windows 8.1 machine in case there’s been an update to Windows that’s caused a problem. Watch this space…

    2. Tim Post author

      Hello again
      I’ve tested it and it should work fine, so I suspect you might have a dodgy disc. I’ll get a replacement in the post to you today (I’ve got your address from before).
      Sorry for this – I’d rather it had worked first time for you.
      You can bin the old disc – we won’t ask you to send it back for us to check or anything like that!


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