Certain questions… (only one is in my imagination)

By | January 24, 2019
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I get asked certain questions all the time.
“Tim, how do I do so-and-so on my phone/laptop/PC/tablet?” is probably the most common.

(Apart from “Tim, why are you so devilishly handsome” – though maybe that one’s only in my imagination.)

Obviously what the “so-and-so” people want to do on their devices does vary – not everyone wants to do exactly the same things.

But you might be surprised how often they are the same questions – it turns out most people do want to do the same things with their phones, tablets and PCs.

Which is why I made sure I covered those common questions in the new books I’ve just brought out, the Next Steps books.

Have a read of the information I’ve prepared here to find out a bit more about what’s covered – and also who they’re suitable for and how to get a copy.

They’re already going fast – why not have a look now?

2 thoughts on “Certain questions… (only one is in my imagination)

  1. John chapman

    Have got these on order already Tim thanks for your knowledge,can’t wait


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