Excitement in the Wakeling household

By | March 26, 2018
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Well, next weekend it’s Easter. And (as you might expect) there is excitement in the Wakeling household.

After all, with two small boys, the chance of Easter eggs causes quite a bit of excitement.

But it’s not just them (and I don’t just mean because I like chocolate too).

I’m not just excited – but curious.

Curious to see if Google will release any new Easter eggs.

I know, it sounds odd. Google are known for search engines, making ANdroid, maps and so on, not for chocolate creations.

But Easter Egg also means something to do with technology. It’s a word for special features that the makers have deliberately hidden away – so hunting for them is like an Easter egg hunt.

Some of them can be useful, most are just amusing.

Anyway, here are a few that you can access by going to the google search webpage and typing something in… I don’t know if all of them will work on all devices – they were generally designed to work on PCs but I know some of them work on other devices.

  • Type in Askew to get a different slant on your search results (ahem)
  • Type in Barrell roll and it should do one.
  • Type in conway’s game of life to see an example of this mathematical model of cell growth, division and so on running over on the right.
  • If you go to Google images and type in Atari breakout you can play a version of this old game.
  • This might be more useful – type Flip a coin into google and it will
  • Similarly with Roll a dice
  • You can also type in play solitaire – handy if you like solitaire and don’t have it on your computer.
  • You can type in tic tac toe to play naughts and crosses… or if you type in terni lapilli you’ll get the same game (that’s the Latin name for it – the Romans invented it apparently)
  • And if you type in pac-man you can play that.

As I say, they’re not all useful but they can be amusing and it shows what the techies who develop all this stuff are really thinking about all day!

There’s just time
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