For the last time (not a row)

By | October 4, 2019
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I started writing that I’m mentioning this “for the last time” and realised it sounds like someone having a row – you know, when they shout “For the last time, I’m not going to put the bins out” or whatever.

You’ll be glad to know that’s not what I mean!

But this is the last time I’m planning to mention the new books to do with using technology to keep in touch – how it can help you be closer to the people you care about and even meet new people online (if you want to)

After today, I won’t be mentioning them in these emails again.

So this is one last mention as a reminder if you’re sitting on the fence or not quite sure whether to get them or not… Best have a look at the information about them now and decide, whether it’s yes you want them or no you don’t want them.

Have a read of what they cover, who they’re suitable for and so on and decide if they’re for you here.

2 thoughts on “For the last time (not a row)

  1. John Hall

    Thank you for your email. I have an iPad and a MacBook pro.
    I do not have an iPhone.

    I am looking for help for doing something about passwords and the confusion they are causing me.
    I need to simplify them so that I am not constantly being confused when asked for them before
    proceeding. ( I think I have over twenty of them!) As I do not bank on line I am not concerned about security.

    Thank you for the books I have already had from you, they are most helpful.
    Best wishes,
    John Hall (eightly-year old pensioner)

    1. Tim Wakeling Post author

      there are a few articles I wrote a while ago that you might find useful – tips about something called a “password manager” and also a tip for coming up with secure passwords that aren’t too hard to remember.
      Here they are – here’s the one about passwords that aren’t too hard to remember: (you’ll need to scroll down a bit)
      And here’s the one – in fact two – about password managers:
      Hope that helps


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