Free ebook, solitaire tip and apologies

By | March 1, 2014
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It’s a short one this time, partly because it’s Saturday and I’m taking the boys to a friend’s birthday party and partly because I’ve got something for you to download and read.

So, getting stuck straight in:

The Decline and Fall of Windows XP

I know, I know, I’m reusing a headline I used before.  But I like it and I’ve got a copy of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire on the shelf opposite me waiting for me to read it, so I’m sticking with the title!

Anyway, I’ve put together the various articles I’ve written recently about the end of Windows XP, added a few snippets and turned it into an ebook covering the different aspects in one place.

You can download it (free) and read it on screen or print it out from here:

Feel free to pass it on to anyone else that it might help, too – maybe suggest they sign up for this newsletter at to make sure they get any updates and new snippets!

…and captions that might as well be Greek…

I included a video in the last newsletter (If you missed it, you can see it here: all about why you’d want to use Word, Excel or OpenOffice.

And afterwards I had a few emails from people saying they liked the video but the captions were, not to put too fine a point on it, rubbish!  This confused me no end as I hadn’t put any captions on it!

Anyway, I investigated and it turned out YouTube (who “host” the video for me) had automatically added captions to it for me, without telling me.  Except they were terrible!

So apologies if you turned the captions on and realised they didn’t match what I was saying – now you know what happened!

A quick tip if you play Solitaire

If Word might be the most popular program on the computer, I wonder if Solitaire is the most popular game – and it’s been part of Windows for ages (well before Windows XP).  But someone mentioned a useful tip I didn’t know about to me the other day: If you’re playing it and accidentally click in the wrong place, you can turn a promising game into one that can’t be won.  Just press the middle mouse button – the one that’s a wheel (you can click it like a normal button).  That “undoes” the most recent move and you can carry on from before you accidentally clicked in the wrong place.

Well, that’s all… we need to be off to the birthday party!