How to Not Get Lost…

By | April 29, 2019
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Have you ever got lost?  Physically, in the real world. Or lost when trying to use your tablet, phone or whatever?

Not long ago someone asked me how to use the GPS, Sat-navs, compasses and maps and so on that are on the average iPad, tablet or phone.

The problem is, there are umpteen different options – lots of different ways you can use it. And (you guessed it) they all work differently.

Then I thought “Why not just pick the way I do it and explain that?”

So I shall – feel free to use one of the many other methods if you prefer, but if you’re confused or unsure about how, here’s one way.

But first, before I get into that…

I’ve mentioned the Tech Inner Circle a few times lately – but from tomorrow I won’t be mentioning it again.  That’s because after tomorrow, the doors shut and if you haven’t joined, you won’t be able to.

Of course, you might not want to join – and that’s fine.  But if you’re not sure, please don’t leave it and miss out.

One of the first things we do for every new member is give them a link to a video that explains how to access the different parts of their membership.  And it occurred to me that it is a good way to see what’s included. So here’s where you can watch it, even if you’re not a member (yet) – you just might find it helps you to make your mind up.

Anyway, I should mention that if you do want to join, you can join over the phone (on 01229 777606) or you can read what you get as a member, why people have found it useful and what some other members have said here.

So, back to using your phone or tablet as a Sat-Nav

The way I do it is to use Google Maps.  There are umpteen different apps and so on you could use – but Google Maps works fine.

If you have an Android tablet or phone, chances are you already have Google Maps (it might just be called “Maps” and it might be inside a Google folder).  If not, you can go to the App Store (on an iPad or iPhone) or the Play Store (on an Android one) and download it – it’s free. Make sure you get the one made by Google, not something that just has a similar name.

Then, to use it as a Sat-Nav, you start it up and type the name of the place you want directions to in the search box.  It should give you the option to get directions – usually there’s a little blue button marked “directions”. Tap on that to see the route and tap on “start” and it’ll start telling you to turn left, drive for 10 miles or whatever.

It’ll also show you a map on the screen – most of the time it shows you what’s coming up straight away but sometimes, if you don’t have to do anything for a while (apart from carry on driving) it will “zoom out” to show you more of the map for a while.

If you have any problems make sure that the right method of transport is selected at the top – if you’re on foot, you don’t want the car route and if you’re driving you don’t want the train route!

And that’s pretty much it – it’ll give you the directions, you follow them and you should get there.

One more thing I’ll say, though.  Some tablets don’t have a GPS chip in them.  Without that, they don’t really work as a Sat-Nav.  There are a few tricks some of them use to try to still do the job, but it won’t work very well.  So if you find it doesn’t work for you, it might simply be that your tablet doesn’t have the right bits inside.

That’s all for now.  Remember, if you’re interested in the Inner Circle and haven’t joined yet, best find out all about it here.

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