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By | November 16, 2009
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In the Computers newsletter this month:

  • Important note if you use AVG
  • Missing manuals found
  • Windows 7 – interested or bored silly?
  • Buying a Windows 7 PC
  • Help me clear out the warehouse…


There are several snippets of news instead of one big long article this time.  A buffet of tips instead of a roast dinner, if you like.  (Sorry for the strained metaphor – I’m not sure where that came from!)


Important if you use AVG

First off, I know a lot of people use AVG for anti-virus protection.  Well, there’s a new version out, version 9.  If you have version 8.5, then at some point it’ll ask you to click to let it upgrade to version 9 (it might have already asked).  Don’t worry, it’s genuine.


If it’s a bad time, you can click “no” to put it off but it’s worth letting it do it before too long as in December they’re going to stop doing the updates for the old version.


The new version is still free for home use and works in much the same way as the old one so it shouldn’t cause much in the way of problems.


Need a missing printer manual?

A tip from Laura, who handles lots of the orders for books we get.  She needed the manual for a particular printer but we didn’t have the original.  And she found this website:

It lists hundreds of different manuals, not just for printers but for scanners, programs and even DVD players and so on.


You can either click on the maker of the thing you need the manual for or type it into the search box there.


Windows 7 – are you interested (or bored silly)?

I’m sure you’ve heard that the new version of Windows (7) is out now.  I know not everyone will have rushed out to get the new one.  So I’d like to find out how many people are using it so I can make sure I’m writing relevant things in this newsletter.

Whether you use Windows 7 or not, could you spare 3 minutes to fill in this short survey?

Thanks very much if so!

(By the way, when it finishes you’ll be taken to a page created by the survey company – you can just close it down.  I’d have to pay extra to make it take you to one of my pages and I’d rather spend the money on taking my other half out for a nice meal!)

Here’s the survey:


Buying a Windows 7 PC

I mentioned a while back about EuroPC – a company I’ve had good service (and good prices) from when I’ve bought computers for work.

Since they specialise in ones ordered by other companies, but not kept for one reason or another, they didn’t have Windows 7 PCs straight away.  So even though I recommend them normally, I couldn’t recommend them if you want a Windows 7 PC.


But they’ve now got the ability to put a Windows 7 upgrade onto any computer you order from them that can run it.  If you’re after a Windows 7 PC, it’s worth a look.

Here’s the link for the Windows 7upgrade.

This is a good laptop if you’re after a lower end PC.

And this one’s good if you want a more powerful laptop.

They also have lots of desktop models – I always recommend HP/Compaq but there are plenty of other good makes there too.


One last thing…

I have a couple of boxes of slightly damaged One Step at a Time books to get rid of.  I’m not happy to sell them at full price because the covers are marked – but all pages are there and they’re perfectly good to use.


I hate to just throw them away so I’ve decided to give a daft low price on them to newsletter readers, so you can pick them up for a friend.  They come with all the freebies we usually give away with each book (the CD and the Putting it into Practice booklet) – but I’ll let you have them at £4.99 each, plus one lot of P&P (£1.99) per order.


As you can see here,, they’re not good enough to sell at full price but they’re fine to use – none have missing pages or anything like that.

Anyway, if you’d like some on our usual free-trial, send-no-money now basis, click here ([email protected]) to send us an email and make sure you mention which books you’d like and how many of each.


Once they’re all gone, that’s it, so it’s worth getting in quick (if there are none left of anything you order, we’ll email you to let you know).  If you want to combine the order with any non-damaged books, that’s fine too, though of course the non-damaged ones will be full price!


Here’s what we have, all at £4.99 each: (NB none of the CDs are damaged ones)

  • Computers One Step at a Time plus Putting it into Practice & CD
  • The Internet One Step at a Time plus Putting it into Practice & CD
  • Digital Photography One Step at a Time & CD

And a handful each of:

  • Ebay One Step at a Time
  • Desktop Publishing One Step at a Time & CD
  • 13 Desktop Publishing Projects for Beginners at home & CD
  • Help! My Taskbar’s Vanished
  • Olive Oil: Natural Healer, Health Food and Household Marvel.

Right – that should help clear out the untidy boxes cluttering the corner of the warehouse! (Don’t forget to mention your address or customer number in the email!)


That’s all for now.



Tim Wakeling

PS there’s no strict time limit on the damaged stock – I just don’t know how long they’ll last so I can’t put a deadline on it!

PPS Do you know someone who’d like to receive this newsletter themselves?  Could you be the one to make using PCs much easier for them?

All they need to do is visit and sign-up for free.  Or you could forward them this email and tell them to click here.

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