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By | March 31, 2017
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Technology can be amazing. And the things it can do for you can be amazing. From video phone calls to checking the weather forecast… all sorts of things.

In fact the other evening we suddenly realised we needed some more eye-patches for Alastair (he wears glasses and needs to have a patch for a couple of hours each day to get him using the weak eye). We ordered some online and by 11am the next day, they were here.

Without modern technology, we couldn’t get them anywhere near that quick (the pharmacies near us don’t stock them).

It’s just one specific example – but on the flip side, technology can be incredibly frustrating when it doesn’t work properly.

When it won’t turn on properly, doesn’t do what it should, or does it but very slowly. Sometimes an app simply won’t open or doesn’t work how it should – or is simply a bit erratic.

Well, if you have a smartphone, you don’t have to worry about problems like that any more – I have a solution. You can read more about it here – I think you’ll find it might reduce the frustration you sometimes get when using smartphones. (Or you can ignore it – and carry on running the risk of things on your smartphone not working properly, misbehaving or playing up.

4 thoughts on “Reduce the frustration of using smartphones…

  1. Mrs Joan Thorpe

    Hi Tim. . I have an Apple iPad & iphone
    I have also got your
    One step at a time & get more from your smart phone
    The CDs for the iPad
    So I don’t think I need another one fora smart phone

    1. Tim Post author

      that’s absolutely fine – different books suit different people and I wouldn’t expect you to want every last book we publish!
      Hope you’ve found them useful.

  2. Da

    Dear Tim, All very interesting for those with Mobile/Smart phones. I do not have a Mobile/Smart phone of any description (one thing I can do without) having spent a number of years with little or no means of communications (No not locked-up) but in Africa & later on in Pacific Islands.
    Regards & Good Luck with the latest book,
    David Carmichael

    1. Tim Post author

      Africa and the Pacific Islands – sound like there’s an interesting story there.
      If you don’t have a smartphone then I certainly understand you wouldn’t want these books. It’s very much a case of different books appealing to different people!


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