The decline and fall of Windows 7… but not 10

By | July 22, 2019
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I’ve said it before – time flies.  

It doesn’t seem long ago to me that Microsoft brought out Windows 7 – but it was actually about 10 years ago.

And Microsoft plan to stop giving support to it in January next year – at least that’s their current plan.

Someone asked me recently about what this actually means.  Well, if you have Windows 7, it means that after that, you’ll no longer get any security updates – and that means I wouldn’t recommend using Windows 7 after that point if you use it on the internet.

Some people might say “Well, my anti-virus or security program is still getting updates, so I’m OK” – but it’s a separate thing and I really wouldn’t recommend using any version of Windows after security updates for it have stopped.

Now, as I say, it’s not until January next year – and Microsoft have a history of sometimes adding on a year or so as the date gets close.  I don’t know that’ll happen, but if I was using Windows 7, I wouldn’t worry about it too much until we get quite a bit closer.  Maybe towards the end of this year I would recommend upgrading to Windows 10 unless Microsoft do extend the deadline.

One way is to buy a new PC or laptop, of course, but it might be cheaper to upgrade the version of Windows you have.  I’ll write about this and how to do it nearer the time but for now, I’d leave it until we’re sure they aren’t going to move the deadline back and give you another year of Windows 7!  

Closing tonight…

Enrolment for our online course, Windows 10 Made Simple, closes tonight.

If you’re already signed up, don’t worry, you’ll still have access.  But if not, your chance is ticking away.

I know a lot of people really like to hear what people on the course have to say about it, rather than just what I think… so here you go – here are just a couple of the comments we’ve had:

I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone involved in the Windows 10 made simple course I eventually completed it last month having had to frequently take a break from it because of lots of unexpected family stuff happening but I found it really helpful and enjoyable. I also completed the bonus course tonight which had lots of good stuff in it too.
It is a great course to take and I think you said somewhere something about just taking it at your own pace. Well I certainly did that and found it sometimes challenging, always fun and learned a load that I just didn’t know before.
Many, many thanks

Hello Tim,
I have just started to do the Windows 10 course and am finding it excellent. Your explanations are very good and the course will be very helpful. Thank you very much.
Sandy Haden

Really love the course……best programme I’ve seen for ages.  
I’m going through it slowly as I’ve made masses of mistakes over the years teaching myself through trial and error. 
Looking forward to the rest of the course,

Anyway, as I say, enrolment is only open until 5pm today (Monday) – after that you’ve missed the chance.

Here’s the full information… or if after reading what other people had to say about it you’ve decided to give it a try, here’s the joining page (or here for instalments).

2 thoughts on “The decline and fall of Windows 7… but not 10

  1. Mark randle

    Will be getting new laptop with windows 10 on it but seems pointless getting on course now until then so will there be further opportunities to do so?
    Mark Randle

    1. Jess Carr

      Hello Mark,
      Thank you for your interest.
      It’s looking likely that we might re-open the doors to the course but I can’t be 100% sure I’m afraid, as I have no control over what we launch and when we launch products.
      I can certainly pass on your interest though,
      Many thanks


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