Update on TalkTalk (and Tiscali)

By | October 28, 2015
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You can ignore this if you’re not interested in the kerfuffle I talked about last time, with TalkTalk’s (and Tiscali’s) systems being hacked.

But I thought it was worth updating everyone, because there’s a bit more information out now.

According to TalkTalk, having looked into it properly, the data stolen didn’t include full card, so the hackers can’t use it to simply steal your money.

Email passwords also didn’t get stolen, so it doesn’t mean people can hack in and read your emails or send emails “from you”.

It’s still worth being on your guard, though.  It sounds like bank details may have been stolen. This isn’t as bad as it sounds – your bank details are at the bottom of every cheque you write, so it’s quite normal for other people to know your account number.  But it doesn’t mean they can take money out of your account just because they have your bank account number.

Also they may have got your personal details – name, address, phone number and so on, so there might be more scamming phone calls.

All in all, it’s better than it sounded like it might have been.  I’d still watch out for any dodgy scams, phone calls pretending to be TalkTalk and so on, but it’s not as bad as it could have been!


2 thoughts on “Update on TalkTalk (and Tiscali)

  1. terry stafford

    Dear Tim…I have been aware of your Helpful Books co for a few years and would like to say how helpful and hugely
    informative I find your emails…..I really love your approach….and in these times of rush, rush, rush I feel
    that you offer a product that is reliable… such as one would get from their local butcher…if you are still lucky
    enough to have one. Thanks again…Terry [aged 76].

    1. Tim Post author

      Thanks very much – it’s always nice to get comments like this! I set out from the start to be quite different from most companies nowadays (especially most technology based ones) and it’s good to hear we’re managing it!
      PS and yes, we’re lucky enough to have a good local butcher – we had fillet steaks from him not long ago as a treat for our anniversary and they were sublime!


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