Videos OK with Windows 10…

By | November 18, 2015
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I mentioned on Monday that we’re clearing out some videos (about Digital Photography) at the moment, at half price.

I’m not sure I made it clear but we only have a limited number of them – and we’re not planning to print any more once they’re all gone.  At the rate they’re going, I’m not sure whether we’ll completely sell out, but it’s looking quite possible, so if you’re at all interested, best have a look at the info now.

Here it is: read more about them here.

And I know a few people have asked about whether the videos play all right on Windows 10, since they were recorded a while ago (on Windows 7).

Good question!  Yes, they do – and Windows 8 as well.  Oddly, the first time you put them in, it’ll put up a slightly confusing message saying you need Windows XP or newer (which Windows 10 obviously is!)  But if you choose the “run in compatibility mode” option when it appears, after that it’ll play the videos fine.  (And as of today, we’re putting a piece of paper explaining this in more detail in with each order.)

Anyway, full details are here.

2 thoughts on “Videos OK with Windows 10…

  1. Michael Palmer

    Hello Tim
    I have a problem with Windows 10.
    My computer is turning its self on at 4.00am each morning. How do I stop this from happening?
    When I want to use my computer during the day I have to turn it on twice. I turn it on and a Window appears on the screen and stays there until I turn it off at the mains switch and I have to turn it on again then I can proceed as normal. This is very annoying. How can I stop this? I look forward to your comments. Thank you for your time. Michael Palmer.

    1. Tim Post author

      That could be annoying – especially if the fan on the PC is a loud one and wakes you up.
      It’s probably turning itself on to do “maintenance” tasks – if you go into the start menu and into control panel (you can juts type control panel in the search box then click on it), then go into All Control Panel Items then Security and Maintenance then Automatic Maintenance, then look for “Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer at the scheduled time” and if there’s a tick there, click to get rid of it. You can also change the time if you prefer – it should be on the same screen – so that instead of 4am it’s a more sensible time.
      That may also solve the other problem, as it might be because of the way it’s turned itself on and off that it’s having trouble when you come to turn it on.


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